Icarus – SOLD


Oil on card

Height 61cm  Width 78cm

 Roll over the image to zoom in.

This started as an experiment with light – or lack of it – with a rocky darkness framing the edges and the gradual blending in of light as it reflected the rocks’ edges. The idea of Icarus came from a sense in the picture of looking up out of a deep pit into the sky. I imagined Icarus doing just that as, unable to resist the light for one more day, he made the decision to attempt an escape by making a pair of wings from bird feathers. The story has it that he flew too close to the sun causing the wax that held his wings together to melt causing him to fall to his death. The thin brilliant trail on the left in Cadmium Yellow depicts either his rise or his fall – the viewer can choose. The twisted shreds of hessian are all that is left of the poor guy’s sandals. On one level we’re left with the Greeks’ stern warning about the dangers of overreaching ourselves. At another level entirely I like to think of what Icarus might have said to those he met in the afterlife: ‘Yes, I fell. But I also flew.’

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