That Heaven’s Vault Should Crack – SOLD


In areas across the painting surface I used industrial filler mixed with different coloured paint and grains of sea salt, wood ash and crushed charcoal to create the textured gritty surface. The deliberate lack of glass in the framing, as is the case with all of the current work, is intended to create both the sense that the painting’s turmoil is rolling out towards the viewer whilst at the same time provoking the desire to touch those surfaces, to feel what they are like.

Lines of dynamic have been created by loading the edge of the palette knife with paint and running it in arcs across and through the painted surface. I have also used a knife blade to gouge the surface to create further dynamic. These are not careful precise actions. You don’t add to the turmoil with care and precision.

Oil on card.

Height 55cm. Width 67cm.

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